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KIOSK Benefits


User-friendly design and communicative display with a touch screen.

KIOSK Requirements


BRI Savings account holder (BritAma, BritAma Junio or Simpedes) with an active BRI ATM card (BRI Card).

KIOSK Facility


Balance Information

Java PLN, Telkom, Flexi, Halo, Matrix, BRI Credit Card, SPP UT (Universitas Terbuka), Drivers’ License and Motor Vehicle Ownership Boo ...Read more

Transfers Between BRI Accounts

ATM, you can make cash withdrawals, payments, purchases, transfers and other non-cash transactions.

Bills payment

MiniATM, you can make non-cash transactions, card replacement, PIN issuing, Change PIN etc.

Card Activation

Opening a savings account

E-banking registration.

BRI Product Information.

Anda dapat melakukan penarikan tunai, pembayaran-pembayaran, pembelian, transfer dan transaksi non tunai lainnya.


Anda dapat melakukan transaksi non tunai, penggantian kartu, issuing PIN, Change PIN dll.

Informasi Produk BRI.