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Simply register to BRI Internet Banking at a BRI ATM and apply for your mToken at the Customer Service of BRI Branch Office/Sub-Branch ...Read more

User Friendly

With simple and convenient user interface, you don’t need to read the manual to use the basic features.

Make Your Transaction Anytime

Internet banking users can make transactions anytime.

Secure Purchase

SSL encryption that randomizes and encodes your transaction data, making it more secure.

No Additional Tools

Your mToken will be sent via SMS to your mobile number, so you don't need to carry any additional device.


Upon the user’s request, the Token will sent an additional security code via SMS .



  • Account Information
  • Balance Information
  • Account Transactio
  • Fund Transfer
  • Transfer between BRI Accounts
  • Transfer to Other Banks
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Add Transfer
  • View Status

Terms Content

BRI Savings account holder (BritAma, BritAma Junio or Simpedes) and Giro (Individual) with an active BRI ATM card (BRI Card).


BRI Savings Account

BRI Savings Account BRI Savings account holder (BritAma, BritAma Junio or Simpedes) with an active BRI ATM card (BRI Card).


Mobile Phone

Have a mobile phone using sim card from BRI’s selected operators: Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Telkom Flexy, Bakrie Telecom and Mobile-8.



Have an email address to receive BRI Internet Banking transaction notification.

How to Register

How to Register


Register to create your password at any BRI ATM to log in to IB BRI.

mToken Registration

Complete and sign the Application Form at any BRI Branch Office/Sub-Branch Office to register your m-Token.