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Automatic Transaction

Can use automatic transaction facilities, including: Automatic Fund Transfer (AFT), Account Sweep, and Automatic Grab Fund (AGF)

Large Transaction

Inter-Branch Transaction Limit of up to Rp 300,000,000,-


E-Banking Facility available (mobile banking, Internet banking, SMS notification, etc).

Lottery Program

Great chance to win Billions of Rupiah.

Free Insurance

Up to Rp 150,000,000,- free personal accident insurance coverage

Competitive Interest

Savings interest of 2.2% p.a.


Use your BRI ATM/Debit Card both domestic and international

Real Time Transaction

Real time online transactions in more than 10,000 BRI Units and 23,000 BRI ATMs throughout Indonesia



Other Features

Transfer between BRI accounts, fund transfer via RTGS & Bank Indonesia Clearing, credit card payment and postpaid cellular carier, air ...Read more

Full Report

Through CMS BRI, customers can view, print or save various reports in electronic formats such as Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word®, ...Read more

BRIVA Management

With CMS BRI, customers can create, change and delete BRIVA accounts online and in real-time.

Account Polling

Customers can schedule automatic transfers between accounts

Payroll Payment Feature

Make wages payment at ease with the availability of security mechanism against changes in wage data and validity of account holder’s n ...Read more

Multi-currency transfers under negotiated rate

Through CMS BRI, you can make transactions in various major currencies.

Overseas Transaction

Through the SWIFT network, you can transfer money directly to overseas bank accounts.

e-Tax MPN

Real-time online tax payment to the Ministry of Finance can be made at any time. Customers can immediately obtain payment receipt in t ...Read more