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Brizzi How To Use

How To Use

Card Activation

The BRIZZI card will be activated automatically after the first online top up.

Online Top Up

Top up to increase the BRIZZI card balance through the BRIZZI Device.

Deposit Top Up

Top up BRIZZI card balance at BRI/other banks ATM (through “transfer to other banks” menu), BRIZZI EDC, Mobile Banking, Internet Banki ...Read more

Brizzi General Requirements



BRIZZI uses Rupiah and can only be used in Indonesia.

Zero Interest

BRIZZI is not a savings account. The balance is not subject to interest and is not guaranteed by the Savings Guarantee Institution (LP ...Read more

Transferable Ownership

BRIZZI ownership can be transferred by handing over the BRIZZI card.

No Blocking Option

If BRIZZI is lost, stolen or used by unauthorized parties, it can't be blocked or replaced with a new card.

Sufficient Funds Required

Cardholders can only use BRIZZI for transactions if the available fund is sufficient.

No Administration Fee

No monthly administration fees for BRIZZI cardholders.

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